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Hello! My name is Alesha Berning, I am a wife, mom, business owner & author. Some people call me the "Organizing Ninja." A nickname I have hung onto like another title below my signature line. True story, check out my emails.

Chaos to Calm wasn't always what it is now. I started off as a cleaning company in 2017 by a huge blessing in disguise. I was at a job that I soon started to hate. A random conversation in the kitchen one day changed the direction of my life in such a good way. When I say random, I truly mean it. I was cooking supper one night and all of a sudden the words, "I think I wanna start my own cleaning company," came rolling out of my mouth. I was in shock and so was my husband. I had never spoke of this before that night but am so grateful I did. So I started getting my ducks in a row figuring out what I needed to do to start this new thing. Was I really going to start a business?? What does that even mean or look like? So many unknowns that left me so curious and wanting to learn all about it.

I was feeling good, like I finally had a plan and would soon leave my job on good graces. I went into work the following Monday, was called into my boss' office with HR on the line and suddenly they were giving me my "I'm letting you go" chat. WHAAAAATT?! Me, Alesha Berning, a girl who had never been fired in her life was getting let go? I had so many questions as to why and did I do something wrong, but I couldn't even mudder a word. I held back my tears and anger, gathered my things and did the walk of shame with an escort walking me down the hall and out of the office. No explanation as to why she was letting me go but definitely made it clear I needed an escort. I left feeling embarrassed and ashamed and a big feeling of belittlement.

The blessing in disguise is, I signed up my first cleaning client that same day. About a week later, I had a full calendar of clients waiting for me to help them.

About a year into the cleaning business and multiple employees later, I soon realized that my clients needed my help beyond a clean home. They needed my help with organizing. So I experimented with a few clients to see how I liked it. I LOVED IT!!! I loved it then and I love it even more now. I love being able to give families clean and tidy homes so they can have a little peace with their loved ones at night. The everyday hustle & bustle is real and when you come home, I want you to feel at peace. Your home is sacred. It's a place to feel safe, create memories, share stories, connect with each other and surround yourself with the things you love. Your home is an extension of you but when you are surrounded with clutter, it tends to fog the lense.

I want to give you a kitchen that is so well thought out and organized that supper time seemed so easy and now you have extra time for snuggles or hey maybe even a board game. I want those messes in the closet and the playroom to be easy for pickup, so easy your kids will start to understand where to find things and where to put them away. I want you to walk through your space with pure ease and a feeling of abundance. I want your bathroom to have an organizing flow to it so your morning starts off with ease and ends in calm. Your space should give you exactly what you need from it. I want that for you because you deserve it!

Organizing is my God given gift and I will forever be grateful for it. The calm to the chaos I give to families fills my cup and then some. I absolutely love what I do.

Did you know I am also an Author? Another dream I never visioned for myself until one random day, I said it outloud, "I should write a book." And that's exactly how it started. I wrote a workbook called, "Calm The Fork Down," taking the chaos out of meal planning. I designed this book so families again could have ease with cooking & planning meals. Life is so short to stress about supper. Let's instead plan ahead and make it with ease. I published this book right in the middle of a pandemic having no clue what the future would bring. But I did it anyway and now I have the urge to write an advanced meal planning book as well as a book about what I went through growing up and how I am dealing with it now. This personal book is the hardest thing to put in print and I am having to relive things all over again. But I know it will all be worth it.

Another reason why I do what I do, because I will be honest it is not as easy as it may look. Being a business owner can be lonely and scary and things can change in the blink of an eye.

My family is my BIGGEST WHY. I want to change my family tree. I am showing my family that you can do whatever you want in life, you just have to put in the work. I am showing my family that mom's can do things, women can do things, that anyone can do hard things and yes I want to change the "status quo." I am also showing up for ME, every single day and proving to myself I can do it. I am telling myself that I am better than my past and my journey is definitely worth the hard work. At the end of the day I want God to look at me and tell me he is proud of me for creating something beautiful with the gift He gave me.

I want you to know that you are special and you have so many gifts. But the gift you hold onto and never share with the world is only just a dream. Make it come to life, I dare you! Make that lifelong dream of yours come true and I bet you won't regret it. I pray that God nudges you to make it happen.

Your Friend

Alesha Berning

aka: "Organizing Ninja"

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