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Hey there! I'm Alesha. 

Alesha Berning Family

I am a small business owner who lives in South Dakota. My husband Jeremy and our two kids, Jessa and Kirby are my absolute joys in this world. I am also a dog mom. Our pup's name is Bruno. He is such a lover. Family means everything to me and without them, this little thing called life would have a lot less meaning. Organizing and Meal Planning are my passions that keep my business constantly on the go. I am always thinking of new things I can add to give you more value in your life. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time in my kitchen and making memories with my family, either game night or movie night and it pretty much always includes popcorn and Peanut M & M's (which are my favorite)!!




Professional Organizer

Helping families feel 

peace with simplified systems within the home. Giving you calm to your chaos through meal planning solutions and in home organizing.

As much as I love a clean and tidy home, my house has seen some better days from time to time. However my house runs on a system and it has worked for us for the everyday flow life gives us. A system helps make cleaning and tidying up easier and less time consuming. I am all for making life less stressed and more simple. Making good habits can easily be done and easily implemented into your daily routine.

Calming your chaos so you can have the priceless gift of time.

Did you know that Chaos to Calm actually started out as a cleaning business? Yep, in 2017 I started a cleaning business. After about a year I felt as though my families could use a little more than a clean house. I slowly dipped my toes into organizing and soon realized, I really loved EVERYTHING about organizing. It has filled my cup in so many ways. I love helping individual families find more peace in their home so they can focus on making memories rather than organizing their chaos.

Long story short, I found a cleaning system that worked for me, cleaning multiple houses a day. Please enjoy this free download to help you clean and maintain your home. Also included is a bathroom cleaning checklist, so you can clean and restock with ease.

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