Hey there! I'm Alesha. 


I am a small business owner who lives in South Dakota. My husband Jeremy and our two kids, Jessa & Kirby are my absolute joys in this world. I am also a dog mom. Our pup's name is Bruno. He is such a lover. Family means everything to me and without them, this little thing called life would have a lot less meaning. Organizing, Meal Planning & Command Centers are my true passions in life and keep me busy during the day. Yet I am always thinking of new things I can add to give you more value in your life. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time and making memories with my family, either game night or movie night and it pretty much always includes popcorn and Peanut M & M's (which are my favorite)!!





I help families find peace with simplified systems within the home. Giving you calm to your chaos with meal planning & organizing.

As much as I love a clean and tidy home, I also am not perfect and my house has seen some better days from time to time. However my house runs on a system and it has worked for us for the everyday flow life gives us. I am all for making life less stressed and more simple. Making good habits can easily be done and easily implemented into your daily routine. 

I love calming your chaos to give you the priceless gift of time.

Life is too short for you to stress over the daily "To Do's". Let's calm your chaos.