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The heart of your home

Bathrooms are clean, floors are vacuumed, the dishes are finally done and laundry is completed! Gosh doesn't it feel great? On the surface things look SO GOOD. Yet when you take a closer look you start to realize that there's clutter in every room and closets have hit their limit and it has probably been a hot minute since you did a good purge. But you just cleaned your house so the decluttering has to wait. So right now it's good enough.

Did you know that clutter causes stress and anxiety mixed with a bad case of overwhelm?And what do we do when we are overwhelmed? We give up right? It's too much. I don't know where to start. I am just going to give up because I can't deal with it right now. I will deal with it later. Maybe when things slow down. Maybe when I have a free weekend. Maybe when the kids are at a sleepover. Is this you? I know you're probably nodding your head right now. Did you ever find that extra time or weekend? Hmm...

What would it feel like to wake up and the only thing that greets you is your slippers waiting for you to put them on. What if when you started walking towards the coffee maker, and you didn't have a million things staring at you reminding you of when you said you would get to them later. What if your counters were wide open and ready for you to cook or bake. What if your home greeted you with open space. How would that feel?

Look, i'm not here to call you out on your own B.S. But I will tell you to cut to the chase and stop sugar coating the clutter. Clutter does horrible things to our mental health. It robs us of feeling abundance. It steals our joy and energy and replaces it with lack thereof. Clutter wants you to feel defeated, stuck and lonely.

I want you to know that the kitchen is not the heart of your home. The heart of your home is YOU and all the people that live there. Your home is what you make of it. Yet if we don't get to the root cause of clutter, we will always be followed by a shadow of guilt, overwhelm and anxiety.

I don't want you to feel anything but peace, happiness, joy and abundance in your home. It's time to reclaim your home and get to the root of the problem. Clear the clutter, purge and let go of what no longer serves you.

PRO TIP: Don't think of purging as being wasteful, think of it as you no longer need it and would like to gift it to someone else who can now use it.

If you are at that point of overwhelm and you don't know where to begin. I encourage you to connect with me TODAY. Hiring a professional is an investment to not only your home but also your mental health. I guarantee the results are transformative and so worth it.

You are the heart of your home! Let's get you to walking into open spaces all throughout your home.

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