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I think it's time for us to get real with ourselves. The holidays came and went in a blink of an eye. Please tell me I'm not the only one who felt overwhelmed before the holidays came but then when they were here, it was like I was running against the clock every single day trying to accomplish all the things and shop for all the gifts and get the groceries for party dishes I said I would bring and get groceries when the kids are home for Christmas break and, oh yeah, I should probably clean my house, and... Are you exhausted too?

Let me tell you though, I definitely did my fair share of soaking in the minutes with my family. Watching Christmas Vacation and still laughing at that movie even after watching it a bazillion times. I even relaxed a ton! I am so thankful for the break and time with my loved ones. Yet I still feel like there is something tugging at me, waiting for me to take the first step in accomplishing it.

I had a thought. What if instead of your typical New Year's Resolutions, you did something you've been wanting to do for years but never really pulled the trigger on. What if you got to the root of your stress, anxiety, overwhelm and overspending? Those things have a constant wear and tear on us in so many ways. So what if you made it a goal this year to hire an organizer? How would that make you feel?

Constant clutter in your home is like stress that never gets resolved. Clutter, pulls you down, drains your energy and is always making you feel like you need to escape and fix it with something quick and easy. You then resort to shopping and buying more things but never feeling satisfied because you just added to your problem once again.

The amount of times I hear people say to me, "My house feels so good when I walk through it." Or "I know what I have now, so I don't feel the constant urge to go shop for it, instead it's like I go shopping in my own closet first." Also, "I didn't realize how much room I would have by it being organized."

You deserve to feel good in your home! That alone is why I do what I do. I want you to feel peace when you walk in your home. To feel confident knowing where things are when you need them. To stop overspending on things you think you don't have but then ending up with gobs of extra things.

Get to the root that is causing you to not feel good and lack energy. Make 2024 your year to do a transformation on not only your home but yourself and your family. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, the whole year round (and beyond).

I guarantee when you get to the root and start taking care of the clutter in your home, you will feel motivated to start taking care of you, physically as well. So your New Year's Resolution to get organized is a beautiful box tied with a flowy ribbon and placed inside are two words that will help you gain control of YOU again.

Helping families feel peace within their homes by organizing is my passion. I can't wait for your name to be next on that list. This is your year!

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