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Ready to have your room transformed into a beautiful oasis?

Organized Playroom


Time is a precious commodity. With demanding schedules and diverse responsibilities, it's easy for clutter to accumulate, turning once elegant spaces into chaotic zones. I understand that maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment might not be your top priority. Your situation is unique, and your story deserves a tailored solution. That's where I come in. Welcome to a world where you can enjoy the luxury of a pristine space without lifting a finger - a world where clutter becomes a thing of the past.

The Burden of Clutter

In the realm of opulence, clutter can stealthily creep into your life. Overflowing closets, jumbled paperwork, and disarrayed rooms not only affect the aesthetics of your living spaces but also have a profound impact on your mental well-being. The constant visual chaos can contribute to stress, reduce productivity, and impede your ability to relax in your own home.

A Personal Story

Growing up amidst the whirlwind of a bustling household, where structure often took the backseat, instilled in me a sensitivity to chaos and disorder. Looking back it's clear that chaos was never conducive to my wellbeing, and the same holds true for you. It's possible that the current state of your home resonates with your experiences. Chaos and clutter aren't mere inconveniences; they impact your very soul.


Your Time is Priceless

I understand that your time is a valuable asset. Between business meetings, social events, and personal commitments, the last thing you want to spend your time on is sorting through clutter. My tailored service is designed to cater to your specific needs, liberating you from the burden of organizing. Whether you're a busy professional or someone who simply prefers to spend time on activities you love, I've got you covered.

The Art of Organized Luxury

Imagine stepping into a meticulously organized space - a retreat that exudes tranquility and elegance. I specialize in transforming even the most cluttered areas into showcases of refined order. From kitchens and pantries, walk-in closets, and home offices, I master the art of organization, creating functional spaces that reflect your distinct taste.

Personalized Solutions

I recognize that each individual has unique preferences and requirements. My approach is highly personalized, catering to your specific needs and desires. Whether you're seeking a minimalist aesthetic or a more elaborate arrangement, I collaborate with you to create a space that mirrors your lifestyle.

Preserving Your Peace of Mind

An uncluttered environment fosters a clear mind. When your surroundings are organized, you'll find it easier to focus, make decisions, and find comfort. My mission is to provide you with not just a tidy space, but a haven that promotes mental clarity and inner peace.

Effortless Luxury

Luxury is synonymous with comfort and ease. My services epitomize this philosophy. By entrusting me with the task of decluttering and organizing, you're investing in a life of effortless luxury. Your space will seamlessly transform from chaos to calm, all while you carry on with your demanding lifestyle.


In a world where time is your most valuable possession, let me take the burden of clutter off your shoulders. Embrace the harmonious blend of opulence and organization as I curate spaces that reflect your stature and taste. Reclaim your space and rediscover the joy of living in an environment that echoes tranquility, elegance, and luxury. Welcome to the world of clutter-free indulgence.

Ready to Conquer Overwhelm? Let's Dive In!


I begin with a personal connection, getting to know your vision and priorities. We'll discuss rooms, preferences, and investment amount. My mind works like HGTV, envisioning your beautiful space. I take photos and measurements to plan for functionality and beauty.

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Once we've determined the areas you want organized, I'll give you an estimate covering my time, expertise, and necessary products. Once approved, you'll need to sign a contract and pay half the invoice to secure your booking. Remember, organizing is an investment in your well-being and home.

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Imagine your space transformed into eye-catching organization that excites your family. The Organizing Ninja makes it happen effortlessly. Some have even wanted to sleep in their pantry, amazed at how we turn ideas into dream rooms. Consider me your personal organizer for a truly personal touch.

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Why tackle overwhelm solo? Your time is too precious for that!
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Discovery Call

Connecting with individuals like you is an absolute delight. A personalized phone call serves as the perfect starting point to get to know you better. During this brief conversation, I'll gain insights into your aspirations and pinpoint the spaces that bring you the most stress. Even if the list is extensive, I'll guide you in narrowing down the right place to begin.

In Person Consultation

Putting a face to the name adds a personal touch that resonates with my approach. I thrive on understanding your unique narrative, which helps me envision the transformation your space can undergo. Armed with a tape measure and camera, I'll capture the essence of your space to minimize the back-and-forth communication. With your permission, I may even showcase these photos on my website and social media platforms, illustrating the remarkable metamorphosis your space can experience. A consultation fee of $150 allows us to dive into your vision. I recommend discussing your investment amount with your partner beforehand, an average room can cost $1,000 without any organizational or storage pieces, such as bins or canisters.

Detailed Estimate

After comprehending your space needs, investment amount, and desired flow, I curate an assortment of high-quality items that align with your preferences and investment amount. Elevating your space's potential while ensuring your satisfaction is my utmost priority. You'll receive an estimate via email, accompanied by images of the products earmarked for your space, awaiting your approval.

Supplies & Organizing

Upon approval of the estimated, a 75% down payment along with a signed contract secure your project's initiation. With a mutually agreed-upon start date, I begin the project armed with all necessary supplies. You need not be present unless you prefer to be. I thrive when immersed in my creative zone, allowing me to produce optimal results. I offer payment plans for those needing to spread out the cost of the project. Talk to me about this if you are interested and we can work out a plan together.

Project Completion

Imagine stepping into a space that once evoked anxiety and overwhelm, now transformed into an oasis of calm. As you open your eyes, tranquility washes over you, and a renewed sense of peace envelopes your home. My commitment is not merely to organize; it's about cultivating systems that resonate with your entire family. This harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality is the essence of your dream realized - a beauty meets-function scenario that surpasses your expectations.

Final Payment

As we near the completion of your project and finalize labels, the project's final invoice is dispatched via email. Your complete satisfaction is paramount. Should you desire any modifications, you have a one-week-window post-project completion to make changes. Please note that furniture and substantial storage units are excluded from this option.

Are visuals your preferred medium for understanding the impact of my services? Scroll down to read testimonials from individuals who have undergone their own journey from Chaos to Calm. Their experiences paint a vivid picture of what's possible when you choose to transform your space with me.

Unorganized Pantry


Organized Pantry



I have absolutely loved my experience with Chaos to Calm! Alesha has been such a joy to work with and has quick turnaround times with her designs & materials. She get's the job done right! I would highly recommend organizing your space with her!

Katie T.

Home Office Closet

Alesha did an excellent job decluttering and organizing our hallway and office closet. I no longer feel anxiety when I open the doors. Both closets are still organized months later because she created a system of places for everything to go. I LOVE our closets now and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where everything is and being able to easily find things and put them back when done. I Highly recommend!

Melissa H.

Unorganized Office Closet


Organized Home Office


Unorganized Kitchen


Organized Kitchen



Alesha has been an absolute blessing to calm my chaos over the last few years. So thankful for her knowledge and expertise in my home. If you have been contemplating making some changes to improve the organization in you home, Alesha is the one for you!!! So thankful for all she has done for me.

Amanda H.

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Tailored Organizing

Maybe you need an organizer for decluttering/organizing. Or maybe you're selling your home and need help packing & purging, or you're frustrated by the sight of unopened boxes in your new space and have become overwhelmed, we have the perfect package for you. My team and I are dedicated to bring calm to your chaos and get you feeling peace again. 

All packages include a team of organizers ready to dive in and tackle your chaos. You decide if you want to work together side by side or have us tackle the organization and move on my own—your choice. Either way, the end result is always worth it!

Good Start

For $600 you'll get the help of a professional organizer for a day. Whether we work together or you give me your problem area to tackle on my own, the choice is yours.


For $1,700 you'll get the help of a professional organizer for a total of 3 days. Whether we work together or you give me your problem area to tackle on my own, the choice is yours.

Most Popular

For $3,300 you'll get the help of a professional organizer for a total of 6 days. Whether we work together or you give me your problem area to tackle on my own, the choice is yours.

The Best

For $5,500 you'll get the help of a professional organizer for a total of 10 days. Whether we work together or you give me your problem area to tackle on my own, the choice is yours.

I calm chaos even when you think, it's impossible.

Still have questions?

I love that you are wanting to understand it all before making the leap. Check out these frequently asked questions and get more understanding.

  • Q: How much do projects typically cost?
    A: An average room costs $1,000 without bins or organizational products. With products a room can average about $2,000.
  • Q: What if I want you to look at multiple rooms while I have you in my home?
    A: While you have me, I'd be happy to look at additional rooms that are overwhelming to you.
  • Q: What will you think of my mess?
    A: I realize that no matter the situation of your space, you may feel embarrassed to let me see it. I want you to know that I enter with no judgement. I too have my own messes and can relate even though I organize for a living. I am here to help you, not to judge you. I love looking at the potential your space has and creating a better solution tailored to you.
  • Q: How will you know what to do with my belongings that I don't need anymore?
    A: There are items that you may want to hang onto, donate or even just throw away. Precious things such as keepsakes, I take very serious. I will never make that decision for you. I will let you know if there is an over abundance of items that we may need to go through and pick your favorites. Anything that doesn't belong in that specific place I am organizing will also be left for you to find a place for.
  • Q: What exactly will you do for me?
    A: I love this question! I give you calm to your chaos. What that means is we meet, I ask you questions on how you would like your space to flow, any design styles you may like, and I handle the rest. I am a firm believer that every room and closet has a purpose and it's my job to figure out what doesn't belong in that particular space. So my job is to declutter, organize and create a beautiful personalized system you will fall in love with. I work best alone, so you don't need to lift a finger! Your space and home is personal and it is my goal to make a space you can not only feel good in but also have an easy flow of organization in.
  • Q: How much will this cost me? Do you offer a payment plan?
    A: I get it you have a budget. I have a few payment plans we can do, so please talk to me and we can figure out what works within your budget amount. We can do anywhere from a 3 month plan, 4 month plan or even a 6 month plan. I am here to work with you and be budget friendly.
  • Q: What does the process look like from start to finish?
    A: 1-Discovery Call: get to know you and what you are looking for. 2- In person consultation, to get a feel for your space and what it may need. Which space in your home you would like to start in first. How much you are comfortable investing in your space. We will also chat about if we want any organizing products or would you like to use what you have on hand. 3- With a clear plan in mind, I will send out an email with a some start dates and an invoice for the first payment to be made. If you are wanting bins or any organizational products, I will send out an estimate for approval before payment is made. 4- Once you have approved the estimate, I ask that you pay half down. Once approval and down payment have been made, I order supplies and come with everything in hand the day of the project. If you are on a payment plan, I will send out the first invoice to be paid and that will hold you a spot on my calendar. When 1/2 of the project amount has been paid, will get started on your project. 5- I take care of decluttering, organizing and give you a gorgeous space. 6 -Anything left over I will either leave for you to figure out where else to put it in your home or I can make a donation for you in your name. 7 -After the project is complete, the final bill will be sent for payment.
  • Q: Will I need a down payment?
    A down payment is required to hold a spot on my calendar. If you are on a payment plan, we will work together on payments that best suits you.
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