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Embarrassed & Overwhelmed?

Organized Playroom

You are not here by mistake.

I get it, you are embarrassed, you feel like you are the only one with a mess that has gotten out of control. Take a deep breath....! You are not the only one, I promise you. Together we can fix this and create a system that will allow your space to flow as it should and you will know exactly what you have and where it belongs. The best part is that I LOVE making your space beautiful & functional. Why....? I am a firm believer that when something is beautiful & organized it makes it way more fun to put away & keep tidy.


This is where I come in and create that space that you have been searching for. No judgment, life is busy and we all have our own messes. Let's transform your space! You know, you need this.

Ready to have your space work for you?

Here is how the process works


Let's get to know each other! Getting to know you and how you are wanting your space to look and feel gets me excited to start organizing right away. Tell me what you love about your space and what you would like to see go and let's give that space a purpose.

Taking pictures & measurements allows me to know exactly what will fit and look nice.

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From the information gathered, I research and design your space to fully function and serve you with peace and beauty. 

An estimate can feel intimidating. Think of it as an investment to your health & home. The feeling you will have in an organized space is magical.

You are worth it!

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I nerd out over this part. The vision of your space comes to life and transforms into eye candy. Imagine walking into your beautifully organized space with a system that gives your entire family excitement to put things away!

I've even had some say, "Is it weird that I want to sleep in my pantry?"

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Pick up the phone or click here and contact me today to get the help you deserve.
Don't master the overwhelm alone. I got you!

Intro Call

Nothing says getting to know you better, than a personal phone call. This short & sweet call helps me get a better idea of what you are wanting to have done and also which room gives you the most stress. Even if there are multiple rooms that give you this feeling, I will help you narrow down and get a good starting point.

In Person Consultation

Putting a face to the name is how I work best. I love getting to know you and your story so I can fully understand and see what is possible for your space. I come prepared with a tape measure and camera. By taking pictures this helps me remember what the space looks like as well as less emails going back & forth. Your photos might be used on my website & social media for others to see how the transformation process can look. Before posting any photos, I ask for your permission. Consultations are $150 and can take up to an hour. The most efficient way to start projects is to narrow our focus. I like to do 1 room at a time. If you want me to check out any additional rooms while I'm there, there is a charge of $50 each space.


Once we have gone over your needs for your space and how you would like thing's to flow, I research and find the best quality items for your space, with budget in mind. I love making the most out of your space and want you to feel good when I leave! 

Supplies & Organizing

Once the estimate has been approved, I require a half down payment of the project total along with a signed contract. From there we can set a start date for the project. Any supplies needed for the project will be purchased by me and brought with the day of the project. If there is any furniture that needs to be purchased, I asked that you order it. Also, no need for you to be home unless you want to be. I work best when I'm in my zone working solo.

Job Completion

Now imagine walking into your space that once gave you anxiety, stress and massive overwhelm. Open your eyes and be prepared to feel extremely calm. My promise to you is giving you not only an organized space but also a space with a system the whole family will love and respect and now will feel excited about putting things away and even being more self efficient to find things on their own. Sounds like a dream come true doesn't it? I want your space to be so beautiful & organized you can't wait to put something away.

Final Payment

Once the project is completed and labels are finalized, the final invoice for the project will be sent out via email. Your overall satisfaction means the world to me. So if there is something you would like to swap out feel free to say so. You will have 1 week after the project is completed to swap thing's out. Furniture & large storage units are not available for swapping.

Are you a visual person like me and need to see it for yourself?

Check out below what others had to say about their experience with Chaos to Calm.

Unorganized Pantry


Organized Pantry



I have absolutely loved my experience with Chaos to Calm! Alesha has been such a joy to work with and has quick turnaround times with her designs & materials. She get's the job done right! I would highly recommend organizing your space with her!

Katie T.

Home Office Closet

Alesha did an excellent job decluttering and organizing our hallway and office closet. I no longer feel anxiety when I open the doors. Both closets are still organized months later because she created a system of places for everything to go. I LOVE our closets now and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where everything is and being able to easily find things and put them back when done. I Highly recommend!

Melissa H.

Unorganized Office Closet


Organized Home Office


Unorganized Kitchen


Organized Kitchen



Alesha has been an absolute blessing to calm my chaos over the last few years. So thankful for her knowledge and expertise in my home. If you have been contemplating making some changes to improve the organization in you home, Alesha is the one for you!!! So thankful for all she has done for me.

Amanda H.

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Service Packages

Maybe you are in the stage of, my house needs a good declutter first before we get all cute with bins kinda thing. Or maybe you are selling your home and need help with either decluttering, to show your home, packing your old home or even unpacking into your new home. Whatever the case is for you, these packages are designed for you so you can still get the help you need from a professional without tackling the overwhelm alone. Whether you decide you want to work as a team with me or I come in and tackle the chaos on my own, is up to you. No matter what you choose, the end result is always the same. WORTH IT!

Good Start

This package includes me decluttering, packing or unpacking with you or on my own for a day (up to 6 hours).



This package includes me decluttering, packing or unpacking with you or on my own (up to 18 hours). 


Most Popular

This package includes me decluttering, packing or unpacking with you or on y own (up to 25 hours).


The Best

This package includes me decluttering, packing or unpacking with you or on my own (up to 50 hours).


I calm chaos even when you think, it's impossible.

Still have questions?

I love that you are wanting to understand it all before making the leap. Check out these frequently asked questions and get more understanding.

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