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Simplify & Elevate
Transforming Chaos into Luxury for Busy Families

Let Alesha Calm Your Chaos

Hello, I'm Alesha, and my mission is to empower families to embrace guilt-free ME time by bringing serenity to your life. My aim is to create a sense of tranquility within your home, allowing you to unwind, engage with your kids, dive into a good book, or indulge in your favorite Netflix series.

As a self proclaimed checklist enthusiast with a knack for crafting efficient systems, I constantly learn from my active children, seeking ways to simplify and streamline. This passion fuels my desire to help families just like yours.

I thrive on simplifying complex systems, breaking them down into elegant simplicity. Transforming your home into something beautiful is the icing on the cake of what I do.

Professional Organizer
Children's Playroom

Whether it's a closet, a room, or even a pantry in need of harmony and order, my objective is to transform your space into an elegant, functional system tailored to your entire family. Every nook, cranny, drawer – they all have a unique purpose. I embrace the mission of infusing your space with purpose, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Say goodbye to those catch-all spaces that serve no one. Your space possesses the potential to become the stunning oasis you've always envisioned. There's no such thing as a hopeless space.

Professional Organizer

Do you find meal planning to be a daunting task? Creating a meal plan can alleviate the stress of food waste, overspending on groceries, and save you precious time in the evenings. Your solution is right here!

I am the author of the meal planning workbook, "Calm the Fork Down." I embarked on this journey because I was fed up with the constant cycle of overspending on groceries and throwing away half of them. I took charge, devised a plan, and stuck to it. After eight years of success, I decided to encapsulate this system in a book and share it with the world. Meal planning can indeed be effortless!


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