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Thank you so much for your kind words and testimonial! I am doing my little happy dance as I am reading it.

You have made my day!
Your friend, Alesha

Serena W.

I cannot recommend Alesha enough!! I was very nervous to hire an organizer because I wasn't sure I could even communicate what I was hoping to achieve with a professional organizer. Alesha took my vague descriptions of my "vision" and created the most beautiful reality in my home. She organized our kitchen, storage rooms, and son's room. She was so happy, easy to work with, and open to any suggestions throughout the whole process! What a gem right here in South Dakota. We cannot wait to hire her again when our next baby is born as she has been such a gift in our lives.

Theresa S.

5 stars isn’t even enough for everything Alesha did. I was scared - we moved into our house on Friday and Alesha was coming Monday. My house was a MESS! We had boxes EVERYWHERE! I threw my stuff in the pantry and it was like magic! Alesha came, didn’t even bat an eye at the mess, we talked through what I wanted and she made it happen! The best part though - it’s been 5 months and it’s still organized!! AND my 2 and 4 year old know where everything goes! They help put groceries away and everything! I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed- she’s even a pretty cool friend 😉

Leslie A.

HEY! YOU! STOP! Stop what you’re doing and call Alesha at Chaos to Calm and have her come calm your chaos!! Right now! I’m SO thrilled with what she did with some problem areas in my home. The personal touches she adds are killer - She spends time getting to know your style, and picks storage and fonts accordingly 😍 Not only do I want to just hang out in my pantry and bathroom all the time now, I’ve noticed these perks since she’s been here: 1) I’m using more of what I have already in stock because I can see it and know where it is. 2) I’ve been motivated to organize other areas of my house on my own - lookout world! 3) I’m excited to keep this going and am buying less - and am actually reassessing what is necessary to purchase. Hey! She also wraps Christmas gifts!!! AND wrote a book, AND can help you organize your family life, too. This girl does it all 💕

Kristina D.

This girl will CHANGE YOUR WORLD in the absolute best way!! A room in our house that was useless, except for a spot to dump stuff, is now one of the most organized and useful spaces in the house!!! I’m so grateful for her expertise and for bringing this idea to life! The bins are perfect, everything is organized, functional, labeled and of course adorable. If you want to take all of the chaos out of your life… hire this amazing woman! We all want some calm in our lives!!! Don’t walk… RUN to hire her now!!!

Katie T.

I have absolutely loved my experience with Chaos to Calm! Alesha has been such a joy to work with and has quick turn around times with her designs and materials. She gets the job done right! I would highly recommend organizing your space with her!

Melissa H.

Alesha did an excellent job decluttering and organizing our hallway and office closet. I no longer feel anxiety when I open the doors. Both closets are still organized months later because she created a system of places for everything to go. I LOVE our closets now and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where everything is and being able to easily find things and put them back when when done. I Highly recommend!

Ronda S.

Alesha organized my pantry in a way I could never imagine! I was really impressed by her ability to take full advantage of my space, making everything easily accessible. All bins and containers were perfectly placed and made the best use of our space. The labels on each bin makes it easy to keep everything organized and to know where everything is.

Amanda H.

Alesha has been an absolute blessing to calm my chaos over the last few years. So thankful for her knowledge and expertise in my home. If you have been contemplating making some changes to improve your organization in your home, Alesha is the one for you!!! So thankful for all she has done for me!

Kati L.

Alesha was so helpful in organizing a closet with not a lot of functional space. I live out of state and it was all done virtually. I took pictures and measurements and she gave me layouts and products and recommendations on how to organize and best use the space. It looks amazing and I’m so happy with how functional it is now! I would highly recommend even if you aren’t local!

Not only is she great at what she does, it’s affordable too!

Brenda N.

 I LOVE LOVE the way my storage room looks. It is so clean and organized. Everything has a place!!

Alesha is so easy to work with. She understood exactly what I was wanting. She asked lots of questions and understood my expectations for the room!

Stephanie U.

Alesha did an amazing job helping me calm the chaos in a few areas of my house! I like to think I'm good at organizing, but life happens and things get overwhelming cluttered sometimes. A project that would have taken me days to finish on my own we got done in one day. Alesha goes above and beyond from researching and buying storage containers to creating an organized system that's easy to stick to. Well worth the investment!

Sarah F.

Alesha did an absolute amazing job in our storage/play room! She took care of all the Chaos, so we could enjoy the Calm! Can’t wait for her to do my next project!

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