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When you think of meal planning does it give you a dreadful feeling?

Alesha Berning

Meal planning can almost feel like laundry, it's never-ending. However when you have a closet full of clean clothes and you can go in and pick out whatever you feel like wearing, you walk out feeling fantastic. Am I right? The same feeling can be had with meal planning. When we take time to plan out our meals for the week, it is a huge stress saver. No more digging in the pantry & fridge looking for the right meal to make in a quick pinch. No more wasting food from last week's grocery trip on a whim. When your meals are planned and food is on hand, all you need to do when supper time arrives, is start cooking. Meal planning can be simple.

The kitchen is my happy place. However, I know that's not the way it is for everyone. So instead of taking you through all the things I've learned and teach you step by step, I figured I would skip right to the good stuff and make it super simple for you. Cooking and meal planning doesn't have to be complicated, or pinterest perfect. Supper time should be little effort, fun, a time for gathering and a time to refuel. 

Calm the Fork Down, This book was created for parents like you, who are sick of spending way too much on food and wasting half of it. I want you to know exactly how I save money, waste less food and by planning ahead you ease the stress of the everyday question, "Hey MOM, what's for supper?" What are you waiting for? Stop stressing about supper, grab my book and let's go!

Calm the Fork Down
-Taking the CHAOS out of Meal Planning-

I am a work book! 

Tired of spending an entire day cooking an prepping for the next week? Meal planning should be simple and with very little effort. This step by step guide on taking the chaos out of meal planning, gives you all the tools to help you master the art of planning, stay within your budget, prepping for the next meal and stop wasting food.


A workbook is also included inside to help you master the art of meal planning.

Calendar Sheets

Imagine your meals planned out and beautifully displayed with your home décor.

These calendar sheets are the perfect way to write your menu down in style and display for all members of your family to see it. Now anyone can start supper and....everything is on hand.

How does the sheet work? Glad you asked. These sheets slide in like a picture in the frame so you can write on the glass. Easy cleanup allows for you to redo the style every month.

30 Day Meal Plan

A 30 day meal plan created for you to spice thing's up a bit and give your family a variety of new flavors. The hard part is already done so you you can get excited to cook in the kitchen and gather together around the table. 


What's included:

4 themed weeks of meals

28 recipes + 6 bonus recipes

Weekly menu

shopping list

Meal Planning Notepad

Whether you are a meal planning pro or maybe just want a simple sheet to write up a menu and create a shopping list, this notepad is for you.

52 tear off sheets are included in this pad. The shopping list is perforated so you can leave the menu on display and take your list to the store or shop online with ease.

Meal Planning Notepad

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