Chaos to Calm Quick Session

Hello my fellow DIY'er


Have you ever wanted to start organizing a space in your home, but you are stuck on knowing where to start? Good news, I have created something special to help you "Do It Yourself," with a little guidance from me, Alesha.

"Anything is possible, even the impossible."

Bathroom Shelves

What's included

For only $100, you will get a virtual or in-person session (up to an hour) with a professional, psst...that's me, Alesha.

As you walk me through the area that gives you the most stress, I give you guidance and offer my professional advice for your space to function efficiently.

What if I want more?

Want a blueprint with a visual of what your space would look like along with links of what to buy? You got it!

For an additional $150, I will give you a visual blueprint along with links of items to buy and where to purchase them, so you can have the confidence and motivation to organize your space on your own.

How do I sign up?

So glad you asked. Click the button below and fill out the form. That's it! I will be in touch in a few days to set up our session.

Chaos to Calm Quick Session
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