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Command Centers

I am a true believer that a command center in a house is an absolute must have. With piles of school papers, mail, keys and not to mention, what's for supper. Why have all that pile up on your precious counterspace? Your counter and table should be a sacred space for creating meals and gathering with family & friends.


How about plans for this week? Does anyone else know the actual schedule without asking mom? 

What if I said, you could have it all! Imagine a spot for school papers, keys, mail, a place to plan meals, events & activities. Did I mention that I customize your command center to match your home décor? yep, you heard me right. Beautiful & Functional is the goal here!

No more clutter gathered on the counter, table & everywhere else, until you have time to go through it. Fill out the quick form below and hit submit to get started.

Clear the clutter! Let's get started on your command center.

Command Center Questionnaire
How would you like my help with a Command Cener?
Which area of your home are you thinking of putting a command center?
What all would you like to have on your Command Center?
What style of decor do you have in your home?
Where do you typically shop for home decor?
Choose an option

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Commad Center Questionnaire
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