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DIY Session

Organized Closet

Hello my fellow DIY'er

Have you ever wanted to start organizing a space in your home, but you are stuck on knowing where to start? Good news, I have created something special to help you "Do It Yourself," with a little guidance from a professional organizer, that's me, Alesha.

Organized Bathroom

"Anything is possible, even the impossible."

What's included

For only $200, you will get a virtual or in-person session (up to an hour) with a professional organizer, psst...that's me, Alesha.

As you walk me through the area that gives you the most stress, I give you guidance and offer my professional advice for your space to function efficiently. Basically like you get to pick the brain of a Professional Organizer.

What if I want more?

Want a blueprint with a visual of what your space would look like along with links of what to buy? You got it!

For an additional $300, I will give you a visual blueprint along with links of items needed  for the space, quantities and link's of where to buy them. I want you to feel like you can organize like a pro. 

How do I sign up?

So glad you asked. Click the button below and fill out the form. That's it! I will be in touch in a few days to set up our session.

DIY Session
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**Please note that an in-person consultation will depend on the distance between us. Mileage will be a factor, if the distance is greater than 30 miles.

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