Embarrassed & Overwhelmed?

You are not here by mistake.

I can help you calm your chaos.

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I get it, you are embarrassed, you feel like you are the only one with a mess that has gotten out of control. Take a a deep breath....! You are not the only one, I promise you. Together we can fix this and create a system that will allow your space to flow as it should and you will know exactly what you have and where it belongs.


This is where I come in and help you create that space that you have been searching for and then ended up down the rabbit hole in Pinterest. No judgment, I get it. Let's transform your space! You know, you need this.

Ready to have your space work for you?

Here is how the process works


I love putting a face to the name. Getting to know you and how you are wanting that special space to look and feel gets me excited to answer my phone and help you.

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Having a visual of how your space will look when I am done not only helps me see the big picture but you as well. You will begin to have  piece of mind knowing there is a solution.

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This is the part I get most excited for and completely nerd out over. Our vision comes to life and transforms into eye candy. Imagine walking into your beautifully organized space with a system that gives your entire family excitement to put things away.

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Nothing says getting to know you better, than a personal phone call. This short & sweet call helps me get a better idea of what you are wanting to have done and also which room gives you the most stress. It also helps me bring the appropriate items and ideas with for our consultation.

In Person Consultation:

Putting a face to the name is how I work best. I love getting to know you and your story so I can fully understand and see what is possible for your space. I come prepared with a tape measure and camera. By taking measurements & pictures so I am clear on what things I need to purchase and how many. By taking pictures this helps me remember what the space looks like as well as less emails going back & forth. Your photos might be used on my website & social media for others to see how the transformation process can look. Before posting any photos, I ask for your permission.

Estimate & Drawing:

Once we have gone over your needs for your space and how you would like thing's to flow, I research and find the best quality items for your space with budget in mind. I love making the most out of your space and want you to feel good when I leave!

Supplies & Organizing:

Once approval of the estimate has been given, we set a date for the project. I come with everything needed for your space so you don't need to lift a finger.

Job Completion:

Now imagine walking into your space that once gave you anxiety, stress and massive overwhelm. Open your eyes and be prepared to feel extremely calm. My promise to you is giving you not only an organized space but also a space with a system the whole family will love and respect and now will feel excited about putting things away.

Alesha did an excellent job decluttering and organizing our hallway and office closet. I no longer feel anxiety when I open the doors. Both closets are still organized months later because she created a system of places for everything to go. I LOVE our closets now and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where everything is and being able to easily find things and put them back when when done. I Highly recommend!

Melissa H.


Office Closet

Are you a visual person like me and need to see it for yourself?

Brenda Nolz Storage Room.Before.jpg
Brenda Nolz Storage Room.After.jpg

 I LOVE LOVE the way my storage room looks. It is so clean and organized. Everything has a place!!

Alesha is so easy to work with. She understood exactly what I was wanting. She asked lots of questions and understood my expectations for the room!

Brenda N.

Storage Room

Check out below what others had to say about getting their me calming their chaos.


Alesha did an amazing job helping me calm the chaos in a few areas of my house! I like to think I'm good at organizing, but life happens and things get overwhelming cluttered sometimes. A project that would have taken me days to finish on my own we got done in one day. Alesha goes above and beyond from researching and buying storage containers to creating an organized system that's easy to stick to. Well worth the investment!

Steph U.


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Still have questions?

I love that you are wanting to understand it all before making the leap. Check out these frequently asked questions and get more understanding.


Q: How much will this cost me? Do you offer a payment plan?

A: A payment plan is not something I offer. However, before any supplies are ordered, I will send you an estimate along with pictures of items I plan to use.

Q: What will you think of my mess?

A: I realize that no matter the situation of your space, you may feel embarrassed to let me see it. I want you to know that I enter with no judgement. I too have my own messes and can relate even though I organize for a living. I am here to help you, not to judge you.

Q: How will you know what to do with my belongings that I don't need anymore?

A: I believe there are items that you may want to hang onto, donate or even just throw away. Precious things such as keepsakes, I take very serious. I will make sure to hang onto them and label them appropriately. Any other items that you are not wanting anymore, I then choose if it's still good to donate or if we need to toss them out. I will ask you first and never decide for you.

Q: What exactly will you do for me?

A: I love this question! I plan on giving you calm to your chaos. What that means is I come in ask you questions on how you would like your space to flow, any design styles you may like, if bins and such are necessary and then I handle the rest. I am a firm believer that every room and closet should have a purpose. So my job is to declutter, organize and create a system with labels all family members will know exactly where things belong. This will give you a spot for everything and also a piece of mind so you know what you have.

Q: What does the process look like from start to finish?

A: 1-Phone conversation to get to know what you are looking for. 2- In person consultation, to get a feel for your space and what it may need. 3- Estimate 4- Once you have approved the estimate, I ask that you pay half down. Once approval and down payment has been made, I order supplies and come with everything in hand the day of the project. 5- I take care of decluttering, organizing and giving you a system for all your belongings. 6 -Anything left over I then make a donation for you in your name. 7 -After the project is complete, I send you a final bill.

Q: Will I need a down payment?

Once an estimate has been sent to you and you approve, I ask for half down on the project.