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Essential Oil Rollers

Essential Oil Rollers.jpg
Professional Organizer

Did you know that I am an essential oil enthusiast? Essential oils have been a passion of mine for quite a few years now. Although I know quite a bit about them, I also know that there is so much more to learn. In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy coming up with that perfect aroma, to not only smell good but feel the feels of the oils. So I decided to add on another passion of mine and share it with you.


Each of these hand picked rollers have a meaning, a feel I want you to feel, an aroma that I want you to take with you all day long. They have a special place in my heart because I know we are too hard on ourselves. Sometimes it takes someone else telling you, you are enough, you are beautiful, you have an abundance and to stay calm in this moment and take a breathe.


God wants you to be your best YOU and so do I. These are the perfect little reminder that you are all of these things and much more. No more worries, my friend. Let it go and keep pushing forward.

Calm Roller Collection

Abundance Essential Oil Roller.jpg

“Gratitude turns what we have, into enough.“



A bold aroma of woods, spices and a hint of citrus.

Hello Beautiful Essential Oil Roller.jpg
Hello Beautiful

You are beautiful on the inside and out. Own it! Let your beauty shine.



Floral and spice with a hint of sandalwood aroma.

Calm Essential Oil Roller.jpg

You are right where you need to be. Calm your mind. Calm your soul. Stay here awhile.



A sweet blend of citrus floral and woodsy. 

I am Enough Essential Oil Roller.jpg
I am Enough

You are worthy! You have a purpose! You are enough! Stand tall and walk with grace.



A perfect blend of sweet citrus and herb aromas with a hint of calming woods.

Good Vibes Essential Oil Roller.jpg
Good Vibes

Release the negative. Breathe in the positive. Good vibes only!



Bold floral and citrus pair perfectly with the sweet vanilla and bold earthy aromas.

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