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Join Our Team

We provide a sense of calm amid the chaos and give you back precious time with loved ones by taking everyday tasks off your plate.

Our Values

We communicate with the people around us, whether it is with clients, team members or your boss. This allows us to be informed and fewer assumptions will be made. Assumptions only get us into trouble. Let's communicate by asking questions and letting others in on all the details.

We are respectful. We treat others with courtesy, politeness and kindness. We encourage others to express opinions and ideas. We listen to what others have to say before expressing our viewpoint. We use other's ideas to change and improve our work.

We are Real. We emphasize being yourself. Being comfortable with yourself will not only give you confidence but also will allow others to feel comfortable around you and have the confidence to get the work done more efficiently.

We applaud hard work! Your hard work will not go unnoticed. We like to always do our best and then some.

We are all a team. Every single one of you makes a difference and when we work together that difference is made bigger and more effective. Let's all work together, empower others to succeed with us and make a HUGE difference.

We value honesty and ownership in every situation. Allow yourself to put pride aside and own up to mistakes. On the flip side, take ownership of a job well done. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

Come join our team!

Job Description & Responsibilities

Your job as a house cleaner is more than just the name itself. It is a chance for you to make that client feel calm while you are there and after you leave as well. Take pride in your work and you will leave feeling good and accomplished.


Cleaning duties include but are not limited to:

Personal Responsibilities

  • Arrive to work at your scheduled time

  • Plan ahead for the following day

  • Keeping track of your time

  • Leaving clients notes if something needs to be restocked

  • Communicate if something has been damaged

  • Communicate if you are running low on cleaning items

  • Have a reliable vehicle

  • Keep your vehicle clean on the outside

  • Keep all cleaning items and bags as well as equipment clean


  • Shower (including the top of the shower ledge)

  • Tubs

  • Toilet (including behind and all around)

  • Sinks & vanity & mirror

  • Dust wall décor

  • Wipe down shower bottles

  • Wipe down product bottles on the vanity

  • Straightening of Towels


  • Wipe down all countertops (including back splash and behind all items on the counter)

  • Wipe down the front of appliances (Refrigerator, Oven & Stove Top, Dishwasher)

  • Clean microwave (inside and outside)

  • Wipe down any appliance on the counter

  • Wipe the kitchen sink dry

  • Dishes if any

  • Floors (sweeping & mopping)

  • Garbage

Living Rooms

  • Dusting

  • Tidying up

  • Vacuuming


  • Make beds

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming

Extra Living Rooms/TV Rooms

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming

  • Tidying up

Dining Rooms

  • Wipe off kitchen table (on the top and bottom if needed)

  • Wipe down kitchen chairs


  • Front Door (all glass, inside and outside)

  • Patio Door (inside and outside)


  • Wood & Plastic Blinds

  • Doors & wood trim

  • Ceiling fans

  • Vents

  • Shelves

  • Wall Décor


  • All carpeted areas

  • Area rugs

  • Steps

  • Furniture (check under cushions to see if they need to be vacuumed)

Sweeping & Mopping

  • All hard floor surfaces


  • Take out all garbage (bedrooms, other rooms, kitchen & bathrooms)

Laundry Room

  • Wipe off the washer & dryer

  • Wipe down any countertops

  • Floors


  • You will be required to lift up to 15-20 pounds

Bending Over

  • There will be plenty of bending over while cleaning bathrooms and other areas

Occasional Cleaning Items

  • Cleaning the refrigerator

  • Cleaning the Oven

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Cabinet Wipe Down (full deep clean, bathrooms & kitchens)

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